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Does your DJ have professional audio equipment?

It doesn’t matter how good the DJ is if they have under powered or unreliable equipment. I use a commercial grade sound system with licensed DJ software for great sound and a perfect mix, everytime!

Free programs or apps such as Winamp, iTunes, VLC or Spotify may be fine for a hobbyist in their home, but a truly professional disc jockey will use commercial-grade software.  Software that won't crash, hang, or buffer.  No one wants to hear their favourite song fade out before it's supposed to end.  In this case the old adage is true - you get what you pay for.

I have chosen OTS AV as my music automation platform.  This is the exact same program that radio stations use throughout the world, including here in St. John’s.  Ever been to a dance where the music is sometimes too loud, other times too soft?  Or gaps of silence between songs?  OTS AV is intelligent enough to process the music as it is being played through a sophisticated Dynamics Processor, delivering beautiful sound at a consistant volume with no awkward silence.  It's deadly!

One of the first DJs in St John's to puchase this program, it has been my rock-solid reliable friend in some version or another for almost 20 years.  Because it works flawlessly!  



Screen Shot of OTS AV



Our typical system set up includes a combination of:

 - Electro Voice ZLX 15p 15" Powered Speakers

- Yorkville Elite LS720p 15" Powered Sub

- Yorkville NX 55p 12" Powered Speakers

- Yamaha P3200 power amplifier

- Peavey PV1500 power amplifier

- Peavey SP 5G speakers

 - Numark CD Mix Dual Tray CD player/mixer

- Audio Technica & AKG Wireless Microphones

- Shure Handheld Microphone

- Asus & Toshiba notebooks (with terabytes of music)

- Cloud access to stream almost any song found online

- American DJ LED Revo lll, Quad Phase, Mini Galaxian, strobes and floodlights

- Elation DMX light controller

- professional quality connectors/cables

Don't take a chance on home stereo equipment; ensure that your DJ has reliable gear and accessories for the perfect music mix!

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